Our Privacy Statement

At Clark Insurance, we understand your need for personal information to remain safe and secure. We want to ease any concerns you may have about what we do with information collected from you or about you.

Also, we wish to inform you that we do not share any of your personal information with anyone other than affiliated companies/individuals in order to receive quotes and place coverage.  We only do this with your permission.

Whether you are doing business with us in person, on the phone, email, or via this website, we want you to know that your privacy is of utmost importance to us.

  1. Your information will not be sold, shared, given, or loaned to any person or organization outside of Clark Insurance Agency and its’ affiliated companies.
  2. We expect and demand that organizations or companies that provide services and products through our agency keep all information gathered safe and secure.

Privacy Statement to You

Part of the normal process of obtaining insurance quotes is to gather and disclose pertinent information about you. If you are not comfortable communicating this info via internet, please feel free to leave just your name and contact information and one of our agents will contact you directly.

Information We May Collect

In order to provide you with accurate quotes and complete policies we will need certain information in order to identify and track policy information with Clark Insurance Agency.  Any information asked that is not given or is not accurate can alter quotes and affect policy coverages.

Information you may be required to give includes but may not be limited to:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Birth date
  • Phone
  • Email address
  • Policies Wanted/Coverage Information
  • Social Security Number
  • Driver’s License Number
  • Lien Information
  • Accident/Violation/Loss Information

How We Use This Information

Clark Insurance, its agents, employees and/or affiliated companies, underwriters, and claims representatives may collect and use information about or from you.  We may use this information to obtain reports from outside sources that may reveal credit information, motor vehicle reports, and loss data.  For Property Insurance, we may send someone to inspect property to validate value and condition.

How You Provide Information to Us

There are various ways you may communicate your personal information with us.  The safest way to communicate this information is in person at one of our locations.  However, you may choose to use the US Postal Service, facsimile, internet, or e-mail.  Please note we are not responsible for information lost in the mail from you or transmitted in error to someone else by you.